Astrology is an integral part of human life. Modern science also acknowledges that there are various methods of the classics written statement chejyotisa fruit. The horoscopes, palmistry, physiognomy, Hora Shastra, the constellation pattern, questions, horoscopes, divination scripture, red book, tarot cards, etc. A number of methods.

To counter the effects creation.

Bask in the sun to keep rain water to sustain life in the sea without thinking about surya creation is impossible.

Three-piece perched above the earth, the sea, is not free from the influence of the sun and the moon. All of the aquatic organisms in the water are also affected by the planets.

 Autumn cycle of the sun throughout the year, is also the fruit of the influence of the moon.

We ate out in advance.

When we have an idea in advance of what will happen during the event in the future if there is a way of life and happiness bananvavano

Please scripture, the Guru's grace, the Lord be pleased and happy life.